I Am Not Okay with this
I Am Not Okay with this

The Master of One F**k is the second episode of the first season of I Am Not Okay with This. It aired on February 26th, 2020.


After Dina ditches her for Brad, Syd spends the afternoon with Stan — and learns there's more to him than she thought.


Sydney’s powers are getting stronger as her moods are getting worse. She tries to find a reasonable explanation as to why certain things happened when she was angry, but the increasing frequency of them makes her reconsider the situation. The fact that Dina chose to spend her evening with Brad rather than her is what infuriates Sydney even more.

With no other option in sight, she is forced to spend her time with Stanley, but soon discovers that he is much more than she had previously imagined. They share their issues and thoughts over a session of weed and Sydney thinks about sharing a bit more of her secrets.

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  • Shay Guthrie as Cashier




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