I Am Not Okay with this

Sydney "Syd" Novak is the main protagonist of Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This. She is portrayed by Sophia Lillis.



Sydney Novak is a troubled 17-year-old teen girl with occasional negativity problems who often struggles with her sexuality and also possesses telekinesis-like powers that she possibly inherited from her dad.

Her mother is Maggie Miller. Her younger brother is Liam Novak. Syd had a father who died, presumably due to committing suicide since he could not deal with his PTSD and other psychological problems.


Sydney is often portrayed as a troubled, livid, and gloomy teen. Syd is very blunt and struggles with anger issues. Though, in some episodes, she can have her happy moments, like with her brother, Liam and her best friend, Dina. She has a certain fascination with her sexuality that is expressed in her journals, although her sexuality never gets confirmed.



Maggie Miller

Syd seems to have a rough relationship with her mother Maggie who can be seen as being emotionally abusive towards her daughter. They often have verbal arguments, in which Maggie targets Syd. In the first episode, when Syd tells her that she "feels like no one [she] loves, loves [her] back," Maggie says that she, "shouldn't aim so high."

Liam Novak

Sydney has a sometimes troubled relationship with her younger brother, Liam, in which they often have verbal arguments.



Sydney has a crush on her best friend, Dina. She often gets jealous of Dina and Brad's relationship. Later in the show, Syd loses her virginity to Stanley Barber—her close friend.


Sydney Novak somehow has the inherited ability of uncontrollable psychokinesis from her father, which only seem to be triggered by strong emotions like anger, fear and embarrassment. Her abilities seem to have been triggered by jealousy (Dina dating Bradley) and grief (Her father's suicide). However, the origin of how she got her abilities is currently unknown, but it is theorised that her father was in a secret military experiment and accidentally gained the ability of psychokinesis which caused the deaths of thousands of people.


Season One appearances
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Dear diary, go f*ck yourself.
Dear Diary...[src]



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