I Am Not Okay with this
I Am Not Okay with this

Stanley "Stan" Barber is a character of Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This. He is portrayed by Wyatt Oleff.



Stanley (Stan) is one of Sydney's best friends and, neighbors. He is also a really big chad. He has extremely big muscles. He is so cool. He is awesome! Very cool!!!! He's described as: "so uncool that he's cool." Like Sydney, he sometimes uses profanity and is also a fellow high school student. He often smokes weed with Sydney and drives a 1978 Ford Fairmont (equipped with then-unusual but now agonizingly slow power windows), which was previously owned by his father. Like Sydney, Stanley also dislikes school, though not nearly as much as she does.

Stan is seen working at a bowling alley when he's not at school or at his house, as we see Syd walking through the alley to ask for his car, and has a unique sense of fashion such as his all sky-blue jacket and pants.

After finding out about Sydney's powers, he pulls out superhero comics and tells her that he's Syd's 'mentor.' After listening to Syd talk about kissing someone else at the party as well as her powers rising to the surface when she gets angry or embarrassed, Stanley tries to get her angry so that she will use her powers on something. Although he starts to talk about how she is ugly with the pimples on her thighs, the insults start to get more extreme claiming that she has a "shitty family" and talks about her dad who passed away. Syd gets upset almost hits him with bowling balls, which crash into the wall behind him.

Stan's father is implied to be abusive. Stan says he prefers it when his father isn't around, most likely due to the abuse. Later in the series, his father says that Stan "looks like a fa***t." In the next episode, Stan now has a black eye which is from his father, implied by Sydney and cut off from the last episode.


Stanley is known to be the comedic relief of the show, but like the other characters, he often shows softer and complex sides to his personality. He is kind, funny and loyal to his friends (mainly Syd), while also not caring about what others think of him and sticking to his true characteristics however weird people might think they are. Although, he mentions that he had a crush on Syd which could have affected his approach to her. He is what many people would describe as a crackhead or a chaotic neutral, as Stanley is shown to be quite confident in his eccentric sense of style and behavior and frequently experiments with marijuana with Syd throughout the show. He really just wants people to vibe to Bloodwitch and enjoy it as much as he does.

In Episode 2: The Master of One F**k, Stanley shares with Syd a philosophy that high school - more so what goes on during it - is the peak of the popular kids' lives. It is implied he has this belief because his father was the homecoming king. He states, "These are the people that are going to attend the 5, 10, 20 years. Because this is the peak of their lives."

Other than that, he could be considered to be by himself most of the time and not have many friends due to his personality. This is reflected when he asked out one of his classmates to the formal, ending with him alone when she decides to ditch him to be with her friends.



Stanley has had sex with Sydney, though Sydney realized afterward she thought it was awkward and she didn't like him. He has a crush on her, but after realizing she likes someone else as Sydney tells him she kissed someone, he backs off more. He then invites a girl named Mercedes to homecoming, but they don't end up actually dancing together. He realizes he and Syd are better off as friends.


Stan and Sydney become closer friends as Stanley finds out about her powers and helps her to hide and use them. Although he wants to help her, most of the time he just pisses her off even more. They have an on and off friendship but in the end, all they want for each other is the best.


Season One appearances
Dear Diary... The Master of One F**k The Party's Over Stan by Me
Another Day in Paradise Like Father, Like Daughter Deepest, Darkest Secret

Memorable Quotes

Shoes, who needs em’?
— Stanley Barber
— Stanley Barber
What a world we live in, Syd
— Stanley Barber
We 69'd and everything
— Stanley Barber
I would want to turn into a giant ass... jellyfish
— Stanley Barber



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