I Am Not Okay with this
I Am Not Okay with this

Liam Novak is the tritagonist of Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This. He is portrayed by Aidan Wojtak-Hissong.



Liam is Sydney's younger brother and only other sibling. He and Sydney often have minor fights and arguments. He also has an enemy bully named Richard Rynard.


For the most part, Liam can be described as a fairly well behaved, intelligent, and respectful kid, though he often has some arguments with Sydney.

He is also very fun-loving and mischievous and occasionally likes to create weird food dishes, like his mac and cheese combined with graham crackers and A1 sauce, among other bizarre ingredients.


Liam has a pretty troubled relationship with Sydney in which they often have some rather anger-filled verbal arguments, but gets along a lot better with his mother, Maggie. He also has a pet hedgehog named Banana Wigglesworth who is his only real friend and the only thing he can trust in this world.


Season One appearances
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  • He had a pet hedgehog named Banana Wigglesworth, who Sydney accidentally killed with her mind powers.



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