I Am Not Okay with this
I Am Not Okay with this

Bradley Lewis, otherwise simply known as Brad, is a character of Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This. He is portrayed by Richard Ellis.



Brad is Dina's boyfriend who is also a homophobic bully. Sydney describes him as an "epic douchebag." That being said, he's still incredibly popular and well known around the whole school due to him being a football-playing star jock and also for his good looks.

He also works in a Home Depot/ Lowe's style home improvement store sometimes when he's not at school, and even then, still makes fun and mocks Sydney there while working with another equally as rude male employee, who is also another student (this only happens in the book, not the actual series.)

Brad is killed by Sydney after he takes her diary before the homecoming dance. He was mad at her because he had offered her a truce, but Syd found out that he was cheating on Dina and told her. This angered him enough to steal her diary and then found out that she is a lesbian by calling her a d*ke in front of the whole school, explaining that Sydney was in love with Dina. Sydney accidentally exploded his head before he got the chance to finish his sentence about how he believed she had superpowers.


In the book, Brad is portrayed as a homophobic bully who constantly makes fun of Sydney for being a lesbian. He can come off as rude or a jerk at numerous times.

He can sometimes even be abusive to his girlfriend, Dina.



Brad was Dina's boyfriend, but then when him and Jenny are in the bathroom talking, Sydney hears them and told Dina.


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