I Am Not Okay with this
I Am Not Okay with this

Another Day in Paradise is the fifth episode of the first season of I Am Not Okay with This. It aired on February 26th, 2020.


During a stint in detention, Brad offers Syd a truce, and an incident in the library leads to a high-stakes mission.


Sydney decides to keep her mouth shut and stay out of others’ business to stop herself from making any more trouble. But when Dina gets detention because of, and along with, Brad, Syd intervenes and is thrown in detention too. Stanley had been trying to talk to her ever since the bowling alley incident, and deliberately gets himself in detention as well. They are joined by Jenny, who had shown up at the party before and was supposed to be in rehab.

In the library, a strange presence terrifies Syd and she knocks over bookshelves. The act is caught in the CCTV and now, she, Stan and Dina have to get the footage from the principal’s office.

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